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"Tell Me"
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Charli XCX's "Tropical Sade inspired" photoshoot for Rollacoaster magazine.

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"Bedroom Eyes"
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Karen O
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Asked by Anonymous

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asker Assuming you have any thoughts on this particular subject (or care to discuss it at all) - What do you make of the current state of Liz Phair's career? More importantly, what do you think of the whole 'sell out' album and the aftermath to its release and such? And just for the heck of it, how would you rank her albums?

I really do believe that Liz has always made music foremostly for herself so in that way the current state of her career makes sense. Funstyle features a lot of complaining about things that was her own doing so I feel like that’s the only reason she was the slightest bit apologetic about it.

Aside from Favorite and Love/Hate (awful, awful songs), I think that the self titled album was a natural follow up to WCSE, just with a different sonic quality due to a bigger budget. Super mainstream pop production values tend to drain the sarcasm or tongue in cheek quality out of pretty much any song they’re applied to (Extraordinary suffers from that the most), but I think with the backlash people were more reacting to the licensing of two of the songs (which led to them being EVERYWHERE that summer) and, frankly, how much nicer and blonder her hair looked. You could also argue that the entirety of her career has had an element of trolling super serious indie rock minded dudes and putting a song called How White Cum on the same record as material produced by the people behind Hilary Duff is very much a Liz Phair thing to do. She probably considers it having the lowest recorded score at Pitchfork a great personal achievement (I know I would). So, I’m not mad at that record/time of her life. Especially in comparison to that Jewel Intuition trainwreck that happened around the same time (shout out to the razor, though).

I think it’s hard when you really identify with an artist and then….not so much anymore with their current output/general life decisions. It doesn’t occur to you that both of you just grew up and on to different paths-it must be that the artist has veered off of the ‘right’ path for whatever reason, and you get mad at them for that. That’s what’s happened with her since the “sell out” record and it’s a shame because there are some really great songs on that album and Somebody’s Miracle (namely Table For One and Little Digger).

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  3. Whip-Smart
  4. Somebody’s Miracle 
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