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"Some things Cosmic"
Angel Olsen
Strange Cacti
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To believe in a universe as young as six or seven thousand years old is to extinguish the light from most of the galaxy. Not to mention, the light from all the hundred billion other galaxies in the observable universe.

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mom: please just one picture sweetie, it will look good



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"Clint Eastwood"
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when will my normal sleep pattern return from war

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this is important and more people need to understand this

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"Lonely Void"
Mica Levi
Under the Skin
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Look at this handsome devil.

One of my favorite things to do is watch the parts of his movies where he first asks someone out.

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Lykke Li | DIY Weekly (x)

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"I hate the fact you always feel like you have to be going somewhere, like the end destination is to be finished, or to be happy. But the truth is a lot of us are completely lost, and we don’t know, and that is also a state of mind, to not know who you are and where you’re going."